Our company origins from a design project which was formed at a product design contest for the BOP “(See-D Business Contest)” lead by Kopernik, NPO in the U.S.

Fresh WANIC and WANIC Toolkit got the Best Award in this contest

Business Domain

1: Planning, design and production of products
2: Consulting on local community activities
3: Planning, design, production and sales of textbooks and other teaching materials
4: Planning, design, production and sales of food and food processing machinery

Company Information

Address Kakei Building 4F, Shibuya 2-6-9, Shibuya, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan.
CEO Yoshio Kusumi
Date of Foundation 3rd, March 2014.
Capital Stock 3.5 million JPY


Name Main role Activity Area
Naoaki Yamamoto Concept Design Tokyo, Japan
Taketoshi Ando Financial Management Tokyo, Japan
Yoshio Kusumi Product Design Tokyo, Japan
Nao Morizumi Business Development Cebu, Philippines
Shuko Ikemura Communication Design Tokyo, Japan
Satoru Tokuhisa Business Development Yamaguchi & Tokyo, Japan
Yurie Endo Product Design Tokyo, Japan
Godai Sahara Concept Design London, U.K