Genuine coconut spirits WANIC vientiane 2016

WANIC is a spirit made from coconuts. To create this new spirit, we traveled between Laos, Timor, the Philippines and Tokyo, Japan. It is the product of the time and thoughts of many diverse individuals, mixed, fermented, and perfected over a 6 year maturation process.
Actually, 6 years ago we didn’t know the first thing about how to make spirits. However, we were able to succeed due to support from many professionals we met in craft-spirits, draft-beer, and the traditional Japanese alcohol beverage business, as well as the support of our friends.



Our Visions and Impacts

Wanic was born from the 2010 See-D contest. Hoping to create a bridge between developing countries and Japan, we wondered if there were some way our arts and engineering could be of use. After we arrived in East Timor, we found the problem would be how could we fully utilize the riches available to support the continued smiles of the people living there. We felt it would be a great opportunity to use the common coconut for something great. While investigating the possibilities coconuts represented, we realized we could use it to make alcohol beverage!

There exists already naturally fermented alcohol beverage made from the sap of coconuts, but a alcohol beverage created from the delicate flavor of coconuts juice is something the world has not yet seen. While it’s true that the last few years can be termed a “coconut oil boom”, coconut oil is made from coconut meat, but coconut juice still actually goes to waste in many places. Such a foolhardy undertaking as making delicious alcohol beverage from coconut juice succeeded due in large part to the exceptional cooperation from LAODI Company, and you can find the results of our 6 years of labor in any bottle of WANIC.

From here, we want to strengthen our ties with the people of the Philippines who have created this taste, and create an even bigger impact going forward. From experiments in Dili 6 years ago including fermenting inside coconuts, and distilling inside drums in Cebu, to producing the alcohol beverage at an agricultural rum factory in Vientiane, we’re now looking forward to the next step: distilling in the Philippines. WANIC changes taste and flavor every year, and we hope you can continue to enjoy WANIC from now on.