WANIC Coconut Spirits

WANIC is a new type of distilled spirits which is made from coconut water.
It has a uniquely subtle and sweet coconut fragrance.
Alcohol by volume: 42

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Fresh WANIC is made from fermenting coconut juice without a separate distillation step.
The coconut incubator ferments sake with yeast. The process creates a refreshing coconut flavor.
Alcohol by volume : 7



WANIC Toolkit

The WANIC tool kit has been developed to assist in the process of creating WANIC. We intend to publish the methodology for creating WANIC, as well as open sourcing the toolkit itself. We hope that be publishing the toolkit and recipes, the people producing Fresh WANIC and producing WANIC tool kits will increase, contributing to the economic development of local communities.




Fermentation plug, lid for fermentation plug, serve plug*2, cup, filter, hole puncher, fiber remover